Marquise Heirloom

The most beautiful aspect of jewelry isn’t the brilliant light refraction off gemstones or warm luster of polished gold, but the unique story told in each piece. Jewelry symbolizes what is most near and dear, and every time it is worn it can invoke special memories. As a jeweler, it is the greatest honor to be involved with such intimate expressions. I feel especially privileged to be chosen for my latest project.

My college friend, Brittni, wanted to repurpose her mother’s wedding ring into a special piece she would wear to honor and celebrate her wonderful legacy. Heirloom redesigns present the unique challenge of adapting to the wearer’s style and vision, while also honoring the aesthetic and legacy of the original piece. After contemplating several designs – including incorporating their mother’s ruby birthstone – Brittni and her sister Dayna ultimate decided on a variegated diamond halo in 18k yellow gold for its sparkly and feminine aesthetic.

From the family photos I have seen, it is evident the gorgeous sisters inherited their mother’s radiance and make stunning models for this irreplaceable marquise diamond. Hearing she would love this necklace, with her affinity for jewelry and diamonds, and that Brittni envisions wearing it on her wedding day is incredibly fulfilling as a jeweler. Brittni and Dayna, thank you for the honor of including me in Julie’s special heirloom piece – may you and yours treasure it along with your most beautiful memories.  side by sidesisters3Brittni_1200brittni neck5marquise_1200