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Teil + Tanzanite

I initially became entranced with Teil Duncan’s work through her “Beaches” series – for obvious reasons. The escapism that I love in her tropical portrayals is also found in her more recent “Figure Studies” due to her electric yet pastel color palette. Her girls, chic and vivid, are a perfect jeweler’s muse. Considering Teil draws upon “light, movement and surprising color combinations”, it’s no wonder I’m attracted to her work as I have paralleling inspiration with a different medium. As seen in “Cranberry Twist”, her palette proves how gorgeous unexpected color pairings can be, like violet tanzanite and cherry red. I would wear tanzanite, diamond and 18k yellow gold beauties with anything, anytime, anywhere. How dreamy would they be on a vacation soaking Sorbet Sands views?!


Branching Out

My new fossil sequoia prong set necklace took a field trip to visit John Grade’s Middle Fork exhibit at Mad Art Seattle. The remarkable and elaborate sculpture is made up of hundreds of thousands of individual wood pieces contouring a 140 year old Western Hemlock tree from North Bend, WA. The process began a year ago when John and his team scaled the tree in the forest to create plaster casts of its trunk and limbs. These casts were brought to the exhibit space in South Lake Union and used as guides to create the complex structure of the sculpture. Each piece of the countless wood blocks were hand shaped, oriented and bonded resulting in the remarkable hollow sculpture. The exhibit will travel internationally for two years and then return to the base of the original living tree in North Bend where it will eventually moss over and disintegrate.

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