Janel + Eric

Janel and Eric tied the knot on family waterfront property on Lopez Island. The idyllic evening was graced with a peach sunset that couldn’t be planned but coordinated remarkably with the wedding’s cheery details, including Janel’s pink opal and diamond rose gold earrings. The earrings were a surprise, gifted by the groom, and his selection was impeccable seeing how they perfectly complement her romantic gown, pastel floral crown and luminosity.

Cheers to Janel and Eric!

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Photography by Ryan Flynn

Karli + Sean

My family sure knows how to throw a party! My sister-in-law’s wedding kicked off 2018 with a jubilant January evening. The event commenced with a surprise gospel choir serenading the reception with Pharrell’s “Happy” and nobody stopped dancing or smiling for the rest of the night. Karli and Sean are two of the most joyful people and every guest in the room could feel their happiness radiate.

Karli selected her wedding earrings before even her dress, or basically any other wedding detail and it couldn’t have come together more beautifully. Her sophisticated yet effortless beauty matched the wintry warmth of SoDo Park’s rustic canvas aglow with candles. In addition to a vintage gold and diamond bracelet from her grandma, I made a delicate pearl and diamond “y” necklace to add detail to her sleek dress. Her look was polished with flowers, lipstick and Indian ruby and diamond rose gold earrings, all in the same rich burgundy hue. But what took center stage was Karli’s smile, courtesy of my new brother-in-law. Congrats, I could not be more happy for your happiness!
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Brittni + Brian

I can’t stop gushing over Brittni and Brian’s wedding pictures. Anybody can agree they’re a model couple and Brittni is a striking beauty. The day is especially beautiful to me, seeing a vision come to fruition. Brittni and I started working together about a year and a half ago to re-purpose a marquise heirloom diamond from her mother into a necklace. She wasn’t engaged at the time, but my heart melted when she told me she envisioned wearing it on her wedding day. It has been an ongoing pleasure helping her add to her collection with a marquise diamond wedding band and diamond cluster earrings to polish off her look. I love how each piece complements one another but is worthy on its own. Her sleek silk dress has the same attitude of simplicity and delicateness shining above and beyond to absolutely stun. It’s impossible to choose, but one of my favorite pics of the day is of her sister, Dayna, putting on her necklace as she was involved in the necklace design and helped Brittni try it on for the first time. Thank you, Brittni, for letting me be an intimate detail in your celebration.

Photography by Alexandra Celia



Family Session 2017

My talented friend from college, Alexa Seidl MacKinnon Photography, took our family photos at Volunteer Park on a picture-perfect autumn day. Being a year and a half and constantly on the go, we spent the morning chasing Carter across the park. He is obsessed with balls of any type and insisted on inserting himself into an ongoing soccer game. Stealing the ball was much more entertaining to him than posing with Mom & Dad! Thanks, Lex – looking back on the pic of him waving with the stolen ball fills me with his carefree joy every time I look at it.

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Kevin + Lauren

It doesn’t get more chic than pink opals and this beautiful couple at the Parker!

It was a pleasure working with such a considerate groom, Kevin, on surprise earrings for his gorgeous bride, Lauren. We worked together and pulled off the perfect creation that makes a statement but also reflects Lauren’s easy-going charm. The dangle portion of the earrings is convertible – it can be removed so the top can be worn alone as studs. Lauren brilliantly wore them asymmetrically, which complemented her swooping glamorous locks.

I strive to make each of my pieces versatile, able to adapt to various personalities, ensembles and occasions and it’s special to see this come to fruition. Kevin, thanks again for working with me, Lauren is a stunning model and bride!

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Southwest Sojourn

 “As soon as I saw it, that was my country. I’d never seen anything like it before, but it fitted to me exactly. There’s something in the air, it’s just different. The sky is different, the stars are different, the wind is different.” – Georgia O’Keefe

After experiencing Santa Fe and the surrounding area with friends, it’s no wonder why the iconic painter and brilliant colorist was captivated and transformed by New Mexico’s landscape.  We felt the true high dessert’s boldness with a dramatic temperature swing – a snowstorm one day followed by mid-seventies sun! This accentuated the land’s many virtues and I enjoyed perusing the culture of Canyon Road’s gallery art walk, Bandelier National Monument’s majesty and the quaint town with my dearest gals.

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I welcomed my thirties in wine country with my love reminiscing over the last decade and dreaming about the next over Carneros chardonnay and complex cabernets. The celebration culminated with a bucket list evening at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry. Each meal we devoured, every wine pour we savored, and time with friends (old and new!) cherished.

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Engaged in Waco

My sweet sister-in-law, Karli got engaged to her perfect match with a big Texas proposal and I can hardly handle my excitement! Sean and I covertly schemed to create a gorgeous engagement ring worthy of our special girl. With our very tight knit family, our secrecy precautions were of utmost importance (including Sean’s use of a fake email account to discuss details!) and Sean was successful with the surprise of a lifetime. Ever so thoughtful, he also pulled off hiring photographers to capture the big moment on the historic Waco Suspension Bridge. She said yes to a feminine and sparkly oval diamond on a delicate, hand engraved, micro pave diamond and yellow gold band. It is timeless and graceful, just like the gorgeous bride-to-be. Helping Sean was everything I could want as a jeweler, but now the real fun begins as I celebrate a favorite couple and officially gaining another great brother-in-law!

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Engagement photography By The Mayfields

Beautiful Banff

Our first weekend escapade away from the little man was the best mix of adventure and rejuvenation. We indulged in the quaint town of Banff, treked to the Johnston Canyon frozen waterfalls, skied Sunshine slopes, dog sledded to Spray Lake and relaxed at Lake Louise. Mostly, we marveled how majestic the white blankets of entirely frozen arctic lakes were in the midst of the Rockies. Feeling like dreamy winter wonderlands themselves, my icy aquamarine ring and chrysocaolla, malachite and diamond necklace were fitting travel companions.

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Teil + Tanzanite

I initially became entranced with Teil Duncan’s work through her “Beaches” series – for obvious reasons. The escapism that I love in her tropical portrayals is also found in her more recent “Figure Studies” due to her electric yet pastel color palette. Her girls, chic and vivid, are a perfect jeweler’s muse. Considering Teil draws upon “light, movement and surprising color combinations”, it’s no wonder I’m attracted to her work as I have paralleling inspiration with a different medium. As seen in “Cranberry Twist”, her palette proves how gorgeous unexpected color pairings can be, like violet tanzanite and cherry red. I would wear tanzanite, diamond and 18k yellow gold beauties with anything, anytime, anywhere. How dreamy would they be on a vacation soaking Sorbet Sands views?!