We celebrated not only America’s birthday, but my dad’s 60th at the lake. Introducing Carter to such a special family place was a blast.  My dad and I were lucky to spend both our childhood summers at Hayden, with mine watching my dad and grandpa build our lake cabin. Their handiwork is ingrained in every detail like the cedar ceilings and slate flooring by my dad and my grandpa’s dock pilings and wildlife fireplace mantle woodcarvings. I am grateful to have inherited their workmanship and would be proud if the desire to create – regardless of what medium – was passed down to my little one. This was the first July without my grandpa and he is dearly missed. His presence is felt, especially at the lake and it’s the greatest joy to share what he loved with the next generation.  Happy birthday, Dad! I loved celebrating you with a homemade huckleberry pie (my grandpa’s other favorite pastime – pie baking and devouring) from Hayden’s pickings. C+gpa piling_DSC0308_pieC+grammy pupsC+mommysunset