I can’t stop gushing over Brittni and Brian’s wedding pictures. Anybody can agree they’re a model couple and Brittni is a striking beauty. The day is especially beautiful to me, seeing a vision come to fruition. Brittni and I started working together about a year and a half ago to re-purpose a marquise heirloom diamond from her mother into a necklace. She wasn’t engaged at the time, but my heart melted when she told me she envisioned wearing it on her wedding day. It has been an ongoing pleasure helping her add to her collection with a marquise diamond wedding band and diamond cluster earrings to polish off her look. I love how each piece complements one another but is worthy on its own. Her sleek silk dress has the same attitude of simplicity and delicateness shining above and beyond to absolutely stun. It’s impossible to choose, but one of my favorite pics of the day is of her sister, Dayna, putting on her necklace as she was involved in the necklace design and helped Brittni try it on for the first time. Thank you, Brittni, for letting me be an intimate detail in your celebration.

Photography by Alexandra Celia



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