My family sure knows how to throw a party! My sister-in-law’s wedding kicked off 2018 with a jubilant January evening. The event commenced with a surprise gospel choir serenading the reception with Pharrell’s “Happy” and nobody stopped dancing or smiling for the rest of the night. Karli and Sean are two of the most joyful people and every guest in the room could feel their happiness radiate.

Karli selected her wedding earrings before even her dress, or basically any other wedding detail and it couldn’t have come together more beautifully. Her sophisticated yet effortless beauty matched the wintry warmth of SoDo Park’s rustic canvas aglow with candles. In addition to a vintage gold and diamond bracelet from her grandma, I made a delicate pearl and diamond “y” necklace to add detail to her sleek dress. Her look was polished with flowers, lipstick and Indian ruby and diamond rose gold earrings, all in the same rich burgundy hue. But what took center stage was Karli’s smile, courtesy of my new brother-in-law. Congrats, I could not be more happy for your happiness!
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